HBCU Spirit of America and Dream Bowl Wrap Up

This past weekend players from around the country traveled to Western Virginia’s Blue Mountain region to attend one of the two College All-Star games held in Salem.

This is the 8th year an HBCU driven game has been held by this organization, and it is my understanding it was the third year that two games were run concurrently throughout the same weekend.

Each game had a 4-day schedule, beginning with a combine where players were tested in the standard NFL combine type events, such as the 40, L-cone, pro shuttle, bench press, broad jump, and long jump. The evening of day 1 completed with weigh-in and body measurements by NFL scouts, and meetings with the respective teams.

One day 2 each team participated in 2 practices, staggered throughout the day. Each team was scheduled for one additional practice on the third day, which ended with a banquet and presentation of player Jerseys.

The 4th day of the event was the big game, which I found to be well run, and it was available to be streamed online.

While every NFL and CFL team was not represented with scouts at the event (I don’t believe any game except maybe the Senior Bowl attracts every team) the event was well attended by scouts from both leagues, who took time to interact with players, interview players, and had guarded feedback on who they liked and who they didn’t like…I don’t blame them for keeping it close to the vest, there sure were a few potential sleepers participating at the event.


Overall, this was a fantastic opportunity and a seamlessly ran event that is great for players who may not fit the “top 100 draft pick” criteria, and for newer agents looking to cut their teeth evaluating players on the fly and having an opportunity to network with scouts and other agents.

Check back soon for evaluation on some of the players who stood out at the events.


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