Are you next level prepared? What are teams looking at?

We get a lot of questions from prospective clients on what teams are looking for at the next level. Some of these questions even come from high school players looking for advice regarding getting offers from college programs at the next level.

Obvious answers include playtime, skills at position, performance, stats, film, etc. Some students even recognize the impact that grades may have, especially in the transition from high school to college.

One thing we seem to constantly remind players of is their social media presence. We’ve all seen stories about players who have made it into leagues (not just football) who are performing in high profile situations on the field when there becomes a sudden media buzz about some off-color comments made on twitter when they were 12 years old! We all probably remember an MLB player inserted into a playoff game a few years back, but probably remember nothing about the on-field performance due to the media circus caused by the old tweets.

As a result of this, and stories like it, teams are taking more time to scrutinize social media profiles. Not just what someone posts, likes, or shares/retweets, but even down to who follows you.

Word of advice to anyone looking to extend their career at any level, look through your social media carefully. Not just the old messages, but who you’re connected to. Not much you can do about people following you, but certainly who you’re following is something to clean up.

If you’re a player exploring next level opportunities in football, drop us a line, we’re happy to discuss.

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